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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this website work? is a collection of videos mainly focused on drums and bass with tools available to all musicians, videos of drum / bass duets, in multi cams, with scores, charts, etc.


The full videos are accessible via a paid plan, with or without a subscription.

Some are freely accessible on the home page to test how the site works.


All drums / bass videos, and sheet music are original compositions owned by @ (all rights reserved).

How to get started, what is the price of the plans or the monthly subscription?


In the "HOME" page Scroll to "SUBSCRIBE" and choose invoicing:

- MONTHLY PASS for 25 Euros (without subscription) valid for 1 month

- MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for 20 Euros per month (-20% reduction)

The first time you will be asked to register as a member of the site.

The plans with monthly subscription renews automatically every 30 days after your registration.

Cancel anytime by simply sending an email.

What is included?

All full videos and full drum lessons are included regardless of the package you choose.

What are Drums & Bass videos?


Drums & bass videos are 2 to 5 minute videos presenting examples and patterns, developing a particular style of music, rock, jazz, funk, metal, soul, Latin, etc.

Each style is presented in a video channel which breaks down into several videos: a drum and bass duet without a click, with score / a drums and bass duo without a click, with a grid / the drums alone with the click / the drums alone without click / the bass only with click / the bass only without click. audio playback is also available for each video.

To make a precise search, it is possible to select a criterion in the categories located to the right of each video channel, for example, a style, bass only, drums only, etc.


These are not lessons but tools presented with notations on the screen, for all musicians who need help to practice their instrument with drums or bass.

The concept of drums / bass videos is to develop your style secondly and not to copy what is offered as an example.

What are drum lessons?


These are 10 to 30 minute drum lessons, in all styles, on the basics, rhythmic combinations, ghost notes, moving work on toms, grooves, etc. sometimes specifically developed with bass accompaniment with simple and effective patterns, presented with on-screen notation.


What are masterclasses?

Masterclasses are videos where there is an advanced presentation of a particular style or subject, with occasional guests on drums or bass, they last an average of 40 minutes.

Are these lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced people?

Each lesson includes a description of the difficulty, it can range from beginner to advanced level (for some masterclasses in particular).

Here are the level notifications at the start of each video's title:

+ beginner ++ intermediate +++ confirmed ++++ advanced


Overall, the drum lessons are intended for beginners and people with 2 to 3 years of practicing their instrument.


Does it work on portable devices?

Yes ! All courses and lessons in videos, work on your smartphone device, your Mac or PC.

How do I cancel my subscription?


To cancel your membership, please email directly and we will be happy to help. Please contact us at least 48 hours before your billing date to cancel your subscription and be sure to include the original email linked to your account.


Can I get a refund on my subscription?


We offer refunds if a technical difficulty prevents you from accessing your content. However, since digital content is inherently not returnable, we do not offer refunds or pro-rated refunds of membership fees. You can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to

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